How To Completely Data Recovery Your Hard Drive

Knowing how to safely erase your hard drive, SSD, or phone is an important part of managing your Data Recovery in these modern times. Whether you want to free up some space in your family photos folder or just make sure a sensitive file from your work is 100% dead and buried, it’s vital to learn the ins and outs of safely erasing your computer’s storage drives, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

So continue reading this complete guide from Comparitech about everything you need to know about how to erase Data Recovery reliably and safely.

Whether a Mac, a PC, or a phone comes with its own tools for deleting files. What’s the problem with just deleting them and forgetting about it?

To begin with, although we believe that the Mac, the PC and the phone delete a file after pressing the corresponding button, the truth is that these files are often transferred to folders buried in the recesses of your storage drive, where they Wikipedia continue to occupy space together. to other files you’ve also deleted.

There are various reasons why operating systems do this. The first is probably the most obvious: when someone deletes something, they don’t always mean to actually delete it. 

That is why elements such as the Windows recycle bin or the “recently deleted” folder on the iPhone come in handy. They allow you to recover files deleted by mistake before they are completely removed from the computer.

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