Data Recovery To Do If We Have A Broken Hard Drive

Many of the new customers who contact us on a daily basis are looking for some kind of security for their data, such as multi-disk RAID systems, or just boxes to make backups in because they just lost for one reason or another Data Recovery and they don’t want it to happen to them again. 

This is why we must realize that Data Recovery on hard drives is lost and we must always be prepared for the worst. The disks break, just yesterday a 500Gb disk of the accounting server broke and thanks to the internal RAID1 system that I have mounted, I did not even have to turn off the server or tell the users to stop using the accounting program. 

It took me less than 3 seconds to change the broken drive and a couple of hours later the mirror was finished and everything was in perfect condition. This is what I want you to please make your customers and your technicians understand!! 

A disk break does not have to be catastrophic, in just a few seconds things can be fixed, but for that, you have to be prepared, and you have to prepare it before something breaks because then it may be too late!

Depending on the reason for the loss of data, we must act in one way or another. In this article today I try to explain what to do in case of disk failure and in case of Wikipedia data loss due to human error. I have taken as references the personal magazine Computer & Internet, No. 86.

Physical Damage: If you hear any weird noises, never ever try to take the drive apart, shake or clean it, all you’ll do is break it more. Stop using it, turn off the PC/mac and remove it.

If you have ever tried to turn on the computer and it says “operating system not found” or “volume damaged” or any of these weird things, turn off the computer immediately, and do not even think of running.

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